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However, they won't be able to build it off the iPhone's Google Maps application.

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Apple says this is due to licensing issues. However, map providers may step up and start selling mapping data to iPhone developers. P2P networking and hardware communication No longer will handsets exist as single entities. A new system , built off Apple's Bonjour technology, will let devices talk to each other. This would let people play multiplayer games with one another, and potentially exchange data files--all without the need to be connected to a third-party server or a central Wi-Fi hub. To do this Apple is using the iPhone's built-in Bluetooth antenna.

Apple is also opening up how much control accessory makers can have over external hardware. Forstall showed how the iPhone would be able to hunt for FM radio signals using an attached dongle, and even read a patient's blood pressure--putting the controls on the iPhone instead of the attached device. This new system works both from the dock connector and over Bluetooth. To demo this new level of communication, Johnson and Johnson company LifeScan went onstage to show off a new blood sugar application that uses the phone to process what user's blood glucose level and keep track of it both on the device, and by sending the data to LifeScan's servers.

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Apple has already said that MMS and stereo Bluetooth music playback will not be available. This figure includes first generation hardware. This could mean a new explicit-content rating for applications, similar to what's been done for music and films. The first is a virtual pet simulator that lets you play with others using the new communication interface. LifeFire is a first-person shooter that lets you play death match-style over Wi-Fi. It emulates the controls of a trombone, letting users slide their finger across the screen to adjust the pitch while blowing into the microphone.

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iOS 13 update, features list and everything you need to know

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Apple began a major revamp of its Maps data last year , and has so far only brought the new maps to northern California. With iOS 13, it aims to bring the new map data created by driving over 4 million miles in cars equipped with cameras and LIDAR, as well as with small planes to the rest of the U.

The new maps will come to the rest of the world next year.

You can mark your favorite places for quick access right when you open the Maps app, and organize lists of places into Collections that can be easily shared with friends. In areas where there is new Map high-res map data, you may see a pair of binoculars in some locations. Tap that to get a super high-resolution on-the-ground preview of the area, with smooth scrolling and labeled locations.


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From new earwear including AirPods, naturally to tongue piercings and even customizable teeth, the expressiveness of Memoji is going to explode. Your Memoji will also be used to automatically create sicker packs that mimic the expressions of popular emoji. Instead of sending the thumbs-down or mind-blown emoji to someone, you can send a sticker that uses your Memoji.

Many apps are getting tweaked in iOS 13, but the Reminders app is completely revamped.

How to install iOS 13

A quick toolbar lets you add reminders using natural language, and Siri will parse the times, dates, and locations within what you type to create the right reminder for you. When you discuss something in Messages, Siri might suggest a reminder with a notification pop-up. Smart lists will group your reminders based on your schedule, so you can see the reminders you need when you need them. For more on the biggest new features and changes, check out our Reminders app guide.

Apple has updated its keyboard to allow swiping between letters to create words. Apple calls this a QuickPath keyboard, and it has been a feature of other mobile OSes and third-party keyboards for years now.

iPhone OS 3.0 Software Sneak Peak

Currently, if someone sends you a message and their name and photo is not in your Contacts, it will just show their phone number or email and a blank spot instead of a photo. The new Messages allows you to set an image and name for yourself, and then share that automatically with anyone you message. You can set it to share with anyone, with only those people in your contacts, or to ask each time.

Jason has written professionally about technology for about 20 years. He aims to figure out how complicated technology works and explain it in a way anyone can understand. Mobile Apps. Closed captioning available on our YouTube channel. Better performance, again Apple focused on performance with iOS 12, making it much faster than the last few releases, especially on older devices. Apple iOS 13 should be faster than iOS 12, and smaller apps means faster downloads and faster launching.

Apple The new CarPlay dashboard gives lets you see and do more without flipping around between apps. Multi-user HomePod HomePod can now recognize multiple voices and tailor responses to multiple users, including Music, Messages, Reminders, Notes, and more. Apple Sign in with Apple can produce random, fake email addresses that forward to your real one, protecting other companies from getting your real email address.

HomeKit Secure Video Most home security cameras upload your video unencrypted! It is expected that Apple might release the second generation of this technology soon. These new features were more like imitation than innovation and these were necessary for a more open iOS. This new version of iOS improved the lockscreen and refreshed the look of the News and Music apps.

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But the biggest feature was opening the software development kit to developers for the first time with Siri, iMessages and Maps. In iOS, Apple promoted iMessage to more than just a simple app, Stickers and a separate App Store transform it into a full platform, open to third-party developers. Siri was one of the first mobile virtual assistants but it was losing its top spot as it was closed from developers. With opening of iOS to developers, Siri can now interact with non-Apple apps from the App Store and the new Home app lets you control your smart home. There had been a major change in Notifications also which could now directly display photos and videos.

With the release of iOS 11 public beta, Apple enabled peer to peer transactions via Apple Pay, redesigned the App Store and introduced many augmented reality features. Along with iOS 11 came a rework of the App Store as now it had a new design and regular editorial content would help users find apps more easily than before. Many upgrades were mainly targeted for the iPad like the new Files app and Mac-style Dock, a new concept for better multitasking and drag and drop interactions tremendously improved working on the iPad.

Some of the key features of iOS 12 included improvements to Siri like Siri Shortcuts, enhanced Augmented Reality with ARKit 2, and giving users and parents ways to monitor and control their device use with Screen Time. The new features and improvements added in iOS 12 are not as extensive and revolutionary as in some previous updates of iOS. Instead, iOS 12 focused more on making refinements to commonly used features. Actually performance was one of the core topics in iOS Especially the tasks that users perform regularly like opening the camera or revealing the keyboard were optimized, even on the older iPhone devices.

Some of the key features of iOS 12 include improvements to Siri like Siri shortcuts, enhanced Augmented Reality with ARKit 2 and giving users and parents ways to monitor and control their device use with Screen time. Screen Time feature actually helps users to monitor their device usage and maybe eventually put their phones down. We have just explained in detail the history of iOS from first version to iOS This evolution of iOS from till clearly shows how Apple did wonder by creating iOS and upgrading it continuously year after year to bring before us the kind of iPhone smartphones which have amazing features and the ability to make our life much more easier and convenient.

Siri in iPhone is much powerful now and can help us in many of our tasks. Therefore, iPhones are considered a premium smartphone and most of the affluent and tech-savvy people prefer iPhone smartphone over Android Smartphone. Aman is a business consultant and strategic leader bridging the gap between technology and client satisfaction.

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