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A man who lives fully is prepared to die at anytime. It's the life in your years.

  1. Purgatory (RC Donation Edition & Amended with Broken Pieces: Carlos) (Purgatory Cycle Book 1).
  2. Sonnet 60: Like as the waves make towards the pebbl'd shore?
  3. Mama Im Strange.

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Soul Stirring Sonnets

Member Area. Word Counter. Seashore Flowers Honeysuckle by the sea lupine blue and wild sweet pea buttercups and hare bell fair tiny daisies for my hair kissed by winds of salted spray sweetest bloom of the day flaxen Read More. Soft is the Sea Along the feathered edge, a red sun-sets To bind the evening in dreams eyes explore Two hearts will greet, till' paradise begets Love leaves impressions as waves swirl Uplifting I flew over Bryce Canyon my wings fully spread in a gentle glide as I marveled at the view below.

It wasn't the first time At the Shore It's the summer of my fourth year. Dad is driving us to the seashore.

An Anthology

In the Love for a movie screen It was a romance only seen in forgotten dreams. An Oscar winning script written for movie screens.

Her ethereal sight was the ultimate pleasure. Her eyes an enigma The Wall I never saw your writing against the silent wall I never heard those footsteps walking to the door Like a sunset shadow you faded in my dusk Left upon my The Immortal Journey Oh!

What a journey We have walked through fields of gold And stood beneath starry nights Moon dust in our eyes specks still glowing on our tongues And in Shodden Down-Trodden My shoes lie prone like dogs waiting for a new adventure Will it be a soft seashore shuffle? A jaunt through the mall, all dusty with grime A Why are there stars, Mommy Why are there stars, Mommy? What kind of stars, my child?

You know, Mommy, sticker stars, five-pointed stars and snowflakes. Well, how about movie stars and TV stars