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This tax credit has been critical in boosting private investment in rail infrastructure. Congressman Dan Lipinski IL-3 announced today that he is nominating 22 students from the 3rd Congressional District for admission to the U.

House Session

Service Academies for the entering classes of American manufacturers are the best and most innovative globally, but they can't compete if we keep ramming through free trade agreements with countries that aren't being held to a high standard and a level playing field.

This bill is another step towards ensuring that no one gets left behind, abroad or at home. The safety of our nation's residents has been and always will be my top concern. This bill is a victory for our heroic veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country and for small businesses who are the backbone of our economy and the key to future growth in the Third District and the nation.

This bipartisan bill guarantees that Washington has to pay attention to what can be done to help manufacturers and workers. Proposed legislation would have crippled the economically vital Illinois waterways system and put our environment at risk. Captain Herbert "Herbie" Johnson died on November 2, , at the age of 54, while battling flames in the attic of a two-story home on Chicago's South Side.

This benefit helps more people use public transportation and eases congestion on the roads. If approved, the bill would damage the economic competitiveness of the state of Illinois. I offer both men my prayers as they enter into a new phase of their calling by God and the Catholic Church to the service of others. I would like to thank the first responders and surrounding neighbors for their quick response to a situation made even more difficult by the weather.

Their immediate reaction says a lot about the community we live in. The award is presented to a small group of elected officials each year who have distinguished themselves through various actions that benefit seniors throughout the nation, now and in the future. Congressman Dan Lipinski announced today that the U. The winners were chosen based on their dedication to volunteerism and involvement in their communities in the Third Congressional District.

No Labels, a national organization dedicated to a new politics of problem solving, has awarded its "Problem Solver Seal of Approval" to Congressman Dan Lipinski IL-3 for his support of the group's year-long effort to create a National Strategic Agenda, a roadmap for the country based on goals shared by both parties. Village President Livingston thanked Lipinski for his commitment to improving the quality of life for residents in the district.

Today, on the third annual National Manufacturing Day, Congressman Dan Lipinski IL-3 is thanking our nation's manufacturers and their hard-working employees for the critical role they play in our national economy and in keeping good-paying jobs in our local communities. Department of Education. Focused on accelerating the development of the metals manufacturing cluster in the Chicago region, this investment will help develop long-term growth strategies for community investment and workforce development that will ultimately lead to higher-skill, higher wage jobs.

Dan Lipinski IL-3 has joined with Rep. The bill reverses the Federal Aviation Administration's FAA convoluted and confusing new hiring process, which has passed over the most qualified air traffic controller candidates and raised concerns about safety and transparency. Congressman Dan Lipinski IL-3 joined a bipartisan group of members today in helping pass an amendment to give the Defense Department authority to train and equip Syrians fighting the terrorist group ISIL.

The amendment was added to a bill that will fund operations of the government until December 11th. The International Franchise Association has named Reps. The Legislator of the Year Award is given to lawmakers that support a pro-franchising, pro-business agenda. The report shows that taxpayer dollars are currently going to pay for over one thousand health insurance plans that include abortion.

The bill, cosponsored by Congressman Dan Lipinski IL-3 , would boost American manufacturing by establishing a network of manufacturing innovation and enabling public-private partnerships through centers for manufacturing innovation. In all, the federal government will provide sound insulation for homes, improving the quality of life for almost one thousand people. The new service starts with six daily roundtrips, with three more scheduled to be added in September. On Friday night, Congressman Dan Lipinski IL-3 released the following statement after voting against a bill that fails to fairly address the crisis of unaccompanied children coming to our southern border.

Due to a last minute change in plans by leadership in the House of Representatives, Congressman Dan Lipinski's town hall meeting scheduled for tonight at Oak Lawn Community High School has been rescheduled. The event has been moved to Wednesday, August 6, at p. Congressional staff will be available starting at p. As I taught my students in American Government , Article One of the Constitution established Congress as the legislative branch and Article Two established the president as chief executive. I have always believed that Congress is the subject of Article One because the founders intended the legislature, the branch closest to the people, to be the first branch within a system of checks and balances.

On August 1, , the Polish Home Army, armed mostly with homemade weapons, began to stage one of the bravest and most inspiring resistance movements of World War II against impossible odds.

The grant will be used to purchase 43 protective breathing apparatuses. Today we introduced a bipartisan resolution H CON RES reaffirming a steadfast commitment to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability. On Monday, the U. Department of Transportation announced a plan designed to improve the safety of oil trains as they travel through communities across the country. The proposed rules include steps to remove older rail cars, adjustments to speed limits, and additional precautions for transporting substances that are especially volatile.

Today, the House of Representatives has passed H. Captain Herbert "Herbie" Johnson died on November 2, , at the age of 54, while battling flames in the attic of a two-story home in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood. The bipartisan Religious Freedom Restoration Act - signed into law by President Bill Clinton twenty years ago - reaffirmed one of the core principles on which our nation was founded by prohibiting the government from burdening the free exercise of religion without a compelling state interest.

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Whose Trojan Horse?

The court ruled that in this case the HHS mandate violates this law. Capitol, where it will be on display for the next year alongside the winning pieces from the other congressional districts in the country. The winning artwork is a digital photograph entitled "Salute," which was taken by Brian at an Air Force ceremony involving his brother. Congressman Dan Lipinski IL-3 has helped bring two million dollars to Argonne National Laboratory to develop hybrid fuel cell technology that will both generate electricity and produce liquid fuel.

This technology can produce electricity with zero emissions and help America reach energy independence. During the program in the Union Stockyards, 7, tattered and worn American flags were properly disposed of. Senator Mark Kirk came together Sunday afternoon to give veterans with experience in the VA healthcare system an opportunity to share their concerns. For over two hours at VFW Post in Berwyn, the legislators listened as heroic veterans of all ages, current and former VA employees, and others shared their personal stories of frustration with government bureaucracy and the general level of care they have received from the VA.

Since the troubling reports started surfacing about secret waiting lists several weeks ago, both Lipinski and Kirk have led the charge on this issue. It is in our national interest for Congress to act on immigration reform in a comprehensive manner. If Congress fails to act, President Obama is nearly certain to take further executive action on the suspension of deportations. What this means is that we will not have a comprehensive solution that includes a guarantee of border security and internal enforcement — two necessary pieces of comprehensive reform.

Taking executive action on deportations will not solve the problem of illegal immigration and will allow the continued illegal flow of immigrants into the U. Following the release of the interim report from the Inspector General's independent review of the growing VA scandal, it is becoming painfully clear that the problems extend well beyond the confines of one facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

VA Secretary Shinseki is a hero, who has served our country honorably for decades, but considering what has occurred under his watch, we owe it to the American people, especially our brave veterans, to begin a comprehensive review and reform of the entire VA operation with a change in leadership. Congressman Dan Lipinski IL-3 is making it a top priority to secure funding for a railroad grade separation at 65th Street and Harlem Avenue.

The project — either an underpass or overpass that would eliminate train blockage of 65th Street — would have a significant positive impact on the surrounding area, specifically the southwest side of Chicago, Bedford Park, and Summit.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D): The Basics

With the possibility this year of a new federal road construction bill and a state capital construction bill, there are new opportunities to move the project forward. The year-old died two years ago while fighting a house fire on the city's South Side.

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Veterans deserve better than the health care and treatment mismanagement that has recently been reported. Pfister's digital photograph, entitled "Salute," shows an image from an Air Force Ceremony involving his brother.

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  • The photograph will be displayed in the U. Capitol for the next year alongside the winning pieces from congressional districts across the country. He will also receive two roundtrip tickets for the exhibition opening this summer in Washington, D. Congressman Lipinski IL-3 is introducing legislation to rename the U. A former chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Oberstar served for 36 years as a member of the committee and for 12 years as a staff member. Oberstar passed away on May 3rd at the age of Congressman Dan Lipinski IL-3 will be hosting Senior Fairs throughout the month of May to give area residents an opportunity to get assistance with a variety of issues from his expert staff, as well as local organizations, agencies and businesses that provide services to seniors.

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    Army Corps of Engineers will soon be moving forward with a major rehabilitation project at the Lockport Lock and Dam. The quarry resumed normal operations, including blasting activities, last month. A great opportunity is available for high school students looking to showcase their artistic talents for a national audience. This bipartisan legislation adjusts the Affordable Care Act's ACA definition of full-time employment from 30 hours to the traditional hour work week, protecting part-time workers from losing wages and work schedule flexibility as employers adjust to the ACA.

    This weekend, Lipinski will join over 50 veterans at Lemont VFW Post to observe Vietnam Veterans Day, and pay tribute to these brave Americans who were called to serve during one of our nation's longest and most difficult conflicts. Olympian Kendall Coyne this afternoon at a special ceremony in her hometown of Palos Heights. A forward for the U. This morning, Congressman Dan Lipinski IL-3 joined ten student volunteers from schools in Lemont and Joliet at the Academy for Global Citizenship in Chicago as they helped teach 25 6th graders about science.

    Last week, Rep. One hundred finalists were selected from over one thousand applicants to appear before a panel of judges for a formal interview. Following the interviews, 12 winners were selected, three boys and three girls from each grade.

    A Timeline of the GOP’s Attempts to Destroy Obamacare – Part Three

    This week, Congressman Dan Lipinski IL-3 spoke about the ways that the government can be helpful to entrepreneurs as they develop and perfect the job-creating innovations of tomorrow. House Transportation Committee Subcommittee of Highways and Transit about the need for greater federal investment in local transportation infrastructure. Perino earned this honor for his bravery in helping to liberate France as a rifleman in the 45th Division of the U.

    Lipinski joined Mr. As one of only 12 members of Congress with a degree in engineering — a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's degree in Engineering-Economic Systems, Lipinski understands the importance of supporting the engineers of today and offering encouragement and guidance to the engineers of tomorrow. On Tuesday, Former Chicago Ald. Martin J. Oberman became Metra's new chairman after a unanimous vote by the agency's board of directors.

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